Monday, December 28, 2015

Hibernation, FM, crafts and the weirdness of yesterday...

     Ah, I wish that my view today! But sadly my view is that of a dreary, wet, cold, harsh end of December. Even colder temperatures are headed our way. That is when my fibromyalgia is at its worst. FM is like having a bad case of the flu that for me won't get better til spring. Bummer. Now I think about getting warm and cozy and wait out winter!

     I never have figured if I am a crafter or an artist or both or neither. I do a lot of things. Current favorites are Zentangling, drawing, crochet, decorating. But weaving, knitting, quilting, doll making, origami, sewing and quilt making all have a special place in my heart.

     I am going to be making a wholecloth quilt for my bed. A whole cloth quilt means that the top is one piece of material rather than little pieces sewn together. Actually it will be three pieces for the bedspread, but they will be matched. I think I will have it machine quilted.

     We all have one of THOSE days. Well, mine was yesterday. Took hubby to get blood drawn. He almost passed out. Never happened before. They couldn't find a vein. This is new. We decided to go eat in Bloomington. I started to get on the highway and it was packed! Turned around to go the back way. Got few miles away and there was a tree across the road and a live power line was on it. So we went back the way we didn't want to go.

    Finally got to Bloomington and ate. Being Sunday the wait wasn't bad at the restaurant. After that we were off to Pygmalions Art Supply. I bought my first  Copic Marker. Pricey, but vivid colors.

     This morning hubby got up and told me we had left the chili out. Find of a fitting end to one of those days.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Blood, Cats and Rain!

We are on our way for John my husband to donate blood which he does periodically.  It always makes me sad though. I have O negative blood. My blood could be given to anyone regardless of their blood type. We are called "universal donors". I had TB as a child and I can't donate blood. Donating blood makes a huge difference in the world. Please consider donating blood.

I LOVE cats! Currently I belong to a black mischievous cat Winston. Winston is a girl. But I usually refer to her as Crazy Cat or CC.  CC is famous for her antics.

Sleeping all cuddly warm and cozy. Time 2 am. John has to get up at 3:15 for work. Suddenly out of this peaceful sleep something is attacking my feet. Slowly I become aware of the drama unfolding! CC our little kitten (at the time) is running back and forth attacking our feet! CC is just having fun jumping around the bed playing with our toes! I am sure in her mind toes are little monsters evading capture! I wiggle my feet and the grab her ending the drama. Scolding her and taking her outside the bedroom really made an impression.  She is now 3 years older,  but has never stalked our feet in the middle of the night since.

RAIN! I feel like a duck! Rain has been a part of my daily life for weeks now! We have a small pond. The dry weather this fall had lowered the water level several feet. I had started worrying about our fish. Thankfully with the rain water our pond has gained about a foot and half. Just checked our forecast...rain.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Challenge yourself!


Today I am signing up for my first Challenge. Rather the normal artists' challenge this one includes anything creative allowing people to recognize their own creativity. I have seen people who decorate their homes beautifully for the holidays, dress ever so stylish, superb cooks,  have homes that look like they came from "House Beautiful" comment they have no talent. There are a lot of creative people out there who just don't know it.

Join the challenge! You can post once a day or once a month! Gardening, cooking, decorating, poetry, singing, dancing, drawing, sewing, painting, stained glass, writing, pottery, origami...ANYTHING!

Let's give this a try!

CHALLENGE sign up!